Customized Pittsburgh Steelers NFL 1975 Super Bowl X Championship Ring

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The 1975 Pittsburgh Steelers team was the second championship team in club history. This Steelers team entered the beginning of the season as defending champions for the first time in their 40 year history. The team was lead by dominating defense, and a quick offense to win Super Bowl X over the Dallas Cowboys, 21-17. The team posted their best defensive numbers since 1946, and scored more points than any other Steeler team to that point.

There are two types of super bowl winners that no one really remembers. 1: the team that lost the game, and 2: the team that only won one. The 1975 Steelers took that to heart and began the season as defending champions for the first time ever. For some, the super bowl is an ending. For the Steelers, it was only the beginning. Chuck Noll was eagerly preparing his team for the '75 championship in the locker room of Old Tulane Stadium after Super Bowl IX. Noll left the hanging message that they could be better and win more and more as time went on. Nearly every player on the Pittsburgh roster had been drafted and developed under Noll, so it was little surprise that their players, like their coach would be satisfied with just one ring.

In Week 1, the Steelers were hosted by the San Diego Chargers. They played good defense, but played better offense as the Steelers won, 37-0. So they returned home to play the Buffalo Bills in Week 2. Chuck Noll had warned them the team wasn't playing well, but the team tried to shrug it off and win the way they had the previous week. However, Bills runningback O.J. Simpson rushed for 227 yards, the most a Steelers defense had ever allowed. They took the humiliating loss and began an 11 game win streak that is still one of the best efforts in club history. An angry defense clamped down for the next three weeks on Cleveland, Denver, and Chicago and the offense scored a total of 78 points during the games. The team realized they had to elevate their play to reach the super bowl again. They continually began to do just that. One of the team standouts that season was 2-year WR Lynn Swann. In his rookie 1974 season, Swann caught 11 passes. In 1975, he caught 11 touchdowns. His determination and talent combined to create one of the most consistent receivers the Steelers have ever had.

The Steelers visited Green Bay and Cincinnati and won by a total of 46 points. The emergence of Lynn and fellow WR #82 John Stallworth were continually making their quarterback, #12 Terry Bradshaw better after every week. The 1975 Season was the first time that a division ever had three 10 game winning teams. They had already beaten the Bengals, and in Week 8, the 6-1 Steelers hosted the 6-1 Oilers. With the game tied in the final minutes, a catch in the endzone by John Stallworth placed them at the top of their division, 24-17. RB #32 Franco Harris was another standout for the Steelers, rushing for more yards than any other back except for O.J. Simpson. The Steelers had won more games, scored more points, and allowed fewer than in 1974. After beating New York, the Steelers beat the Oilers and won oer the Bengals agian for their AFC Central title. After losing a meaningless game in Los Angeles, the Steelers were ready for the playoffs.

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