Wholesale & Dropshipping

Wholesale Discount

  • If you order more than 3 items, you will enjoy our special group discount pricing. 
  • Order 3-5 rings, get 15% off the list price.
  • Order 6-10 rings, get 20% off the list price.
  • Order 11-20 rings, get 25% off the list price.
  • Order 21 or more rings, get 30% off the list price.
  • The discounted prices include Free Wooden Box and Free Shipping.
  • If you need bulk price for these items. please contact support@fanshonor.com to get the discout coupon code


Interested in making money by dropshipping our championship rings to all your customers for you? What makes this a great idea, is that you don't have to spend any money keeping inventory or stock in the rings. Once you make the sale and your customer pays you, we instantly ship out the wring for you. Your ring will not include any of our information or pricing, so your customer will assume their ring came shipped directly from you.
We give you 20% off, and you can sell your ring at any price, making as much profit as you like. Some of our customers are happy at making $5 profit off every ring sold to their customers, while other customers of ours make over $50 profit per ring!
Our dropship membership is absolutely FREE to sign up and there are no dropship fees per order. All you do is pay for the ring and shipping cost off our website.Simply enter your unique dropshipper coupon code we generate for you, enter your billing info, and your customer's shipping information.
Please contact support@fanshonor.com to apply dropshipping 20% off code if you would like to start making money selling our rings to your customers today, or if you have any questions.